References – Success Stories

At Pharmacelsus we go the extra mile to deliver solutions to our clients, even if unexpected results or challenges occur during the course of your project. Have a look into 5 examples for added value out of our long standing experience.

We are proud to work for many well established Pharma and Biotech companies worldwide. Due to our confidentiality policy all success stories have been anonymised.

Success Story 1

Pharmacelsus provides valuable insights into unexpected results in pharmacokinetic studies

Success Story 2

Reliable protein binding measurement even for critical compounds

Success Story 3

Pharmacelsus provides cost-efficient quantification of small amounts in a single LC/MS run by cocktail analysis

Success Story 4

Pharmacelsus as the lead lab in a formal ECVAM validation trial on CytochromeP450 induction

Success Story 5

At customerĀ“s request Pharmacelsus designed in vivo liver fibrosis model in rats